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✓ Unsinkable Ship: Watch the ship glide through the waves, inviting comfort & peace on the road or at your abode.

✓ Perfect Home/Car Decoration: Elevate your space with the Thawsunny™ captivating charm. Ideal for adorning your office desk or gracing the mantle at home.

✓ Fun Gift: Beyond its unique decorative piece, Thawsunny™ embodies the spirit of bravery & eternal love, making it a truly meaningful gift.

 Material: Thawsunny™ boasts a high-quality acrylic exterior that exudes crystal-like transparency.

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Shake it left and right and it will never sink!

This high quality unsinkable THAWSUNNY ship is the best gift for anime fans to remember always that thawsunny ship will never sink !

Drive and let the ship Sail!

Shake or let it cruise in your car! drive and see the thawsunny Sailing and never sink!

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"We recommend using our car decoration fluid cruise ship in shaded or indoor areas only, as exposure to direct sunlight may cause the fluid box to become cloudy and potentially damage the product. While primarily marketed as a car decoration, it's also ideal for home decor. Please note that we are unable to offer refunds for products damaged due to sun exposure."